3 Channels to Purchase Komatsu Parts
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3 Channels to Purchase Komatsu Parts

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How to buy the proper Komatsu parts? If you are confused about that, read this article and find the answer. This article is going to tell you the key factor to consider before your purchasing and 3 common channels to purchase Komatsu parts.

What to consider before buying your Komatsu parts?

Before purchasing your Komatsu parts, there are four factors to consider. If listed order of priority, they are 1) quality, 2) inventory, 3) delivery date and 4) price.

  1. Quality: It actually involves the manufacturer, durability, and size.

  2. Inventory: The supplier should have enough inventory of the part you want or else shipment will be delayed.

  3. Delivery date: To receive your parts within the timespan you are expected is quite important.

  4. Price: Price should be reasonable and acceptable.

After you carefully consider the a factors, you can begin your purchasing.

Komatsu parts purchasing channels

There are three different purchansing channels, through which you will get OEM parts, genuine parts and aftermarket parts respectively.

  1. OEM is the abbreviation of "Original Equipment Manufacturer". OEM have Komatsu logos. They are always more expensive but their quality is guaranteed.

  2. Genuine parts are good in quality. Although they have no Komatsu logo, their prices are expensive too.

  3. The aftersale parts are controversy. Some parts may be equal to the OEM part while some has poor quality. The price of aftersale parts is always less expensive.

The three purchasing channels have one thing in common; that is, the deliver date is not fixed. It depends on the distance, weather other factors.


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