Komatsu Parts: Ultimate Guide 2022
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Komatsu Parts: Ultimate Guide 2022

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Komatsu Parts are manufactured to the highest quality as defined by the Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES). They are widely used in forestry, mining, construction, and industrial equipment. Being in great demand all over the world.

Komatsu Parts are made in-house Komatsu or under license by carefully selected suppliers. This article is going to provide you with comprehensive information about Komatsu Parts.

1. Komatsu Parts Categories

Komatsu Genuine Parts range includes consumables such as filters, oils and lubricants; wear parts undercarriage (UC), ground engaging tools (GET), other parts hydraulics, powertrain, hoses, maintenance kits... Usually, there are two common methods to classify Komatsu parts.

Classified by the equipment

According to the equipment where the parts are mounted, Komatsu parts are divided into:

  • Komatsu Excavator Parts

  • Komatsu Track Loader Parts

  • Komatsu Wheel Loader Parts

  • Komatsu Backhoe Parts

  • Komatsu Bulldozer Parts

  • Komatsu Skid Steer Parts

Classified by functions

According to the function of the parts, Komatsu parts are divided into:

  • Komatsu Engine Parts

  • Komatsu Fuel System Parts

  • Komatsu Electric Parts

  • Komatsu Hydraulic Parts

  • Powertrain

  • Seals & Gasket

  • CAB parts

  • Maintenance

  • Work Equipment Parts

  • Undercarriage

2. Advantages of Komatsu Parts

Every Komatsu genuine spare part is designed uniquely to conquer diverse and grueling working conditions. These are built with Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES) which will ensure core values of Komatsu - Quality Revolution to ensure that you as a customer will have the competitive edge in the industry to have the lowest operation cost but with assured best in its class machine performance.

Learn more about the advantages of Komatsu parts: Advantage With Komatsu Parts.

3. Genuine Komatsu Parts VS. Fake Komatsu Parts

Komatsu is a world-renowned brand that provides products with durability and reliability that's second to none, which has been well-recognized by Komatsu parts users all over the world. However, some merchants are so mercenary that they forge fake Komatsu Parts to make a profit. There's no doubt that fake Komatsu parts are of poor quality and with a shorter lifetime and may prolong downtime. So it's necessary to know more about the difference between genuine Komatsu parts and fake Komatsu parts.

Click here to get more information:

4. How to Find a Reliable Komatsu Parts Supplier?

To find genuine Komatsu parts, extend the service life of your equipment and reduce downtime, finding a reliable Komatsu parts supplier is quite important. Click here to find your supplier.


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