A Basic Introduction to Various Komatsu Parts
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A Basic Introduction to Various Komatsu Parts

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Komatsu is a leading manufacturer of excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, motor graders, harvesters, and other mining and construction equipment in the world. Let us briefly discuss the following Komatsu Engine Parts in this article.

  • Komatsu Fuel System Parts

  • Komatsu Electric Parts

  • Komatsu Hydraulic Parts

  • Komatsu Powertrain

  • Komatsu Seals & Gasket Parts

  • Komatsu CAB parts

  • Komatsu Work Equipment Parts

Nanjing Lizhixing Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the Star Power companies in the world that is engaged in the manufacturing of various Komatsu parts. You can rely on the quality of parts manufactured by this company.

1.Komatsu Fuel System Parts

The Komatsu fuel system is responsible for supplying fuel to the Komatsu engine, as well as storing and cleaning it. A gasoline tank, a fuel pump, a fuel filter, and an injection system are all connected in series via fuel lines in the Komatsu fuel system.

One of the primary components of the diesel injection system is the Komatsu high-pressure fuel pump. Komatsu Pumps have two basic functions:

Injection of a specific amount of gasoline under pressure and adjustment of the injections needed timing. The injection timing control function has been given to electronically controlled injectors since the introduction of battery-operated injection systems.

Because its capacity is damaged due to low temperature, the Komatsu high purity fuel filter is the most vulnerable part of the fuel system. Heaters of the shrouded type are used to warm up the Komatsu fine filter.

2.Komatsu Electric Parts

Electrical components are critical to the safe and efficient operation of your earthmoving equipment. Electrical items are critical for site safety, whether they are lights, beacons, or indications. Internal connections, like the external ones, are essential for your system to function and communicate effectively.

Komatsu has every electrical component you will need to keep your equipment running smoothly. Switches and switch boxes, wiring and wiring harnesses, globes for exterior lighting, in-cab lights, connector nodes, warning lamps, safety beacons, and work lamps, engine alternators, and a wide range of battery types and capacities are all included.

Electrical components are also used in safety systems such as emergency stop switches and buttons, backup alarms, dump truck warning buzzers, and reversing cameras and sirens.

3.Komatsu Hydraulic Parts

Hydraulic cylinders work in a similar way to pneumatic cylinders in terms of operation. The reciprocating motion is performed by the moving part of the Komatsu hydraulic cylinder, which could be a rod, a plunger, or the cylinder body itself.

Internal diameter, stroke length, rod diameter, and nominal operating fluid pressure are the primary characteristics of all Komatsu hydraulic cylinders. Komatsu There are various sorts of hydraulic cylinders: piston, telescopic, plunger, two-sided, and one-way.

Komatsu hydraulic cylinders are classified into versions with hinged fastening and rigid fastening depending on the type of attachment. Komatsu single-acting hydraulic cylinder exerts a force on the movable rod, which is only directed to one side during the working stroke of a cylinder.

4.Komatsu Powertrain

Komatsu provides power train parts, components, and service kits for all models of Komatsu equipment, allowing you to execute all service, repair, and overhaul tasks. Parts range from individual parts to complete components and service units.

Komatsu power train parts are engineered, manufactured, and developed to the Komatsu Engineering Standard, which frequently exceeds the requirements of applicable international ISO, JIS, and DIN standards.

As every authentic Komatsu item is subject to the Komatsu Engineering Standard, you can be rest assured that the parts you buy will meet higher manufacturing, quality, and design standards. Other non-genuine parts aftermarket vendors simply do not have access to all of these criteria.

5.Komatsu Seals & Gasket Parts

When deciding between a gasket and a seal, your first impression may be that they are interchangeable. They do, after all, accomplish the same role. While they are similar in some aspects, there are some key differences to be aware of when selecting which is the best option for your project.

Seals are utilised between rotating engine parts, pumps, and shafts, whereas gaskets seal a connection between two components or flanges with flat surfaces. Wherever a union or flange is necessary to prevent leaking, gaskets are employed. Static seals are the most typical application for gaskets.

Many different materials are used to make gaskets. The most common rubber or elastomeric materials used to create gaskets include Viton, Neoprene, Nitrile, Pure Gum Rubber, EPDM Butyl, and SBR.

When a highly compressible gasket is required, gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, including treated fibre (vegetable fibre), cork, cork and rubber, non-asbestos (Aramid fibre), Graphite, PTFE, or closed cell sponge.

6.Komatsu CAB parts

Operator protection and guarding systems are essential components of each piece of equipment, as safety is the most crucial issue in any job. Komatsu has a large inventory of all the parts, components, and elements you will need to keep your workers safe and reduce the chance of an accident.

Repair and replacement parts for cabs and canopies include entire rollover protection systems and falling object prevention systems.

A few extra cab and canopy protective guarding systems, e.g., rock guards, guard covers, and replacement cab doors and windows components, are also available from Komatsu. Mirrors, railings, steps, and stairs are among the other safety components provided for safe entry and exit.

7.Komatsu Work Equipment Parts

When you buy components from a Komatsu dealer, you get access to experts who have knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. You can order or pick up Komatsu Genuine Work Components or any other parts for your allied product with confidence, knowing that your task will be completed on time and on budget.

Komatsu work parts are made to the highest standards, as specified by Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES). They are created in-house or by carefully selected suppliers under licence. In either case, they are backed by cutting-edge Komatsu technology for maximum performance and equipment longevity.

We hope these comprehensive details about various Komatsu parts can make you a proper choice whenever you need to use them.


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