4 Types of Komatsu Cooling System Accessories
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4 Types of Komatsu Cooling System Accessories

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The main accessories of Komatsu Cooling System

Water Pump

The role and structure of the water pump are to pressurise the cooling water so that the cooling water circulates in the cooling system. The centrifugal water pump is widely used in automobile engines and consists of water pump casing, water pump shaft, impeller and inlet and outlet pipes. Water pump transmission mode for gear transmission, water pump speed for 1.5 times the speed of the diesel engine. Water pump installation and maintenance parts.


The role and structure of the thermostat are based on the engine's working temperature automatically control the flow of coolant and circulation route. The thermostat installed in the engine is a wax thermostat, mainly composed of the main valve, a sub-valve, a push rod, a thermostat housing and paraffin wax. Thermostat position and structure respectively.


  • The role of the radiator will be the heat absorbed by the coolant in the body to the outside air, coolant temperature reduction.

  • The structure of the radiator is composed of the upper water void, the lower chamber, radiator core, radiator cover, water release switch, etc.

Cooling Fan

  • The purpose of the cooling fan is to draw in air as the fan spins to allow it to pass through the radiator. to enhance the radiator's cooling capacity. Speeds up the cooling of the coolant.

  • The cooling fan is placed behind the radiator. The speed of the fan has a great deal to do with the operation of the engine under various operating conditions. In modern cars, various measures are often used to control the speed of the fan.


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