Functional Characteristics of Komatsu Loader
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Functional Characteristics of Komatsu Loader

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Komatsu loader modified bucket design maximizes the bucket fill for increased productivity And has the following characteristics:

Productivity & Efficiency

  • Variable Traction Control System and Modulation Clutch System provide optimal tractive effort for various ground conditions.

  • Komatsu SmartLoader Logic helps reduce fuel consumption while maintaining production levels.

  • Closed Center Load Sensing Hydraulic System delivers hydraulic flow based on application demand, saving fuel and reducing hydraulic oil temperatures.

  • Throttle lock with auto-deceleration improves cycle times by maintaining high work-equipment performance.

Under the Hood

  • Dual Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filters (KDPF) / No Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and no DEF required.

  • Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) ensure precise engine control and quick response.

Accessibility & Operator Comfort

  • Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) and Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) work equipment control levers provide quick and precise response to operator input.

  • Automatic dig system, semi-automatic approach and dump system help less experienced operators become more productive and can reduce fatigue for experienced operators.

  • High resolution, 7-inch monitor with dedicated rearview camera.

  • 45-degree stairways on the left- and right-hand side of the machine and walkways in front of the cab and on the rear counterweight provide easy access on the machine.

New Machine Technology

  • Advanced machine monitoring system, with onboard diagnostics viewable with the 7-inch LCD monitor, no laptop required for machine troubleshooting.

  • KomVision with radar obstacle detection, a six-camera system on a dedicated LCD monitor provides a bird’s-eye view around the machine and an audible alert when an obstacle is detected in the working area for improved operator situational awareness (optional).

  • Enhanced KOMTRAX Plus, for immediate remote diagnostics of machine heath and performance with operator ID and integration with 3rd party telematics systems.

  • Energy savings operation ECO guidance provides operator with real-time recommendations to improve machine operation efficiency.

Reliability & Durability

  • Completely redesigned front and rear frame and loader linkages make it the most durable chassis in model history.

  • New standard brake cooling system reduces brake oil temperature, resulting in longer brake-service life.

  • Engine pre-lubrication system raises engine oil pressure before startup to ensure full lubrication of all engine components.


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